The Roddin’ & Racin’ TV show first started airing in March of 2006 on COX Cable, then in 2007 moved to FOX Sports Net Arizona and in June 2009 moved to COX Cable Channel 7 always on Saturday mornings at 9:30AM. The show is a Paid Program, but we buy the air time four Saturdays every month and receive a full TV Guide listing on the cable system and in the printed TV Guides. There are several sponsor packages available, including…

Keep you Cruising Directory

The “Keep you Cruising Directory” at $156.00 per month ($39.00 per week) plus, one time $75.00 set-up charge. The “KYC” Directory features company logo and phone number on screen during each show for 45 seconds, includes an 11 second center screen Spotlight segment with verbal company message and 4-6 changing company photos. Also includes a page 2 listing with phone and website in Roddin’ & Racin’ newspaper. Also includes a Home page listing and link on the website. Plus, “KYC” Directory sponsors will receive a 40% discount when doing Shop-Time segments from their business.

Performance Directory

The “Performance Directory” is $99.00 per week ($396.00 per month) plus one time $100.00 set-up charge. Includes logo and phone number on screen for 45 seconds of each show, plus a 15 second center screen Spotlight and verbal company message with 7-10 changing company photos. Plus, sponsor receives a 5″ X 3/4″ mini ad on page 2 of R’ & R’ newspaper, plus, another 2″ X 2″ ad in the Performance Directory in the back part of the newspaper. Plus, “PD” sponsors receive a full color logo-Link and phone number on the upper section of the R’ & R’ website. Plus, “PD” sponsors will receive a 70% discount off the rate sheet price when doing Shop-Time segments from their business.

15 second sponsor provided TV commercials

15 second sponsor provided TV commercials placed in the TV show, $200.00 total for two airings (back to back Saturdays).

30 second sponsor provided TV commercials

30 second sponsor provided TV commercials $300.00 total for two airings (back to back Saturdays).
TV commercial production and writing is available.

Shop-Time Segment

Shop-Time produced segments placed in the TV show:

3 Minutes = $600.00
4 Minutes = $800.00
5 Minutes = $1000.00

The Shop-Time segments are shot at a sponsor location (Phoenix to Tucson) and include camera shoot, editing and each segment will air in back to back Saturdays for that price. For an additional $45.00 sponsor can have the computer crunched version that can be added to their web site or put on YouTube type sites.

Level One Major Sponsorship

Level One Major Sponsorship may also be available on the TV show, contact Jerry Hutchcroft at 480-963-9880 for more information.

Website Advertising

Contact Jerry Hutchcroft – (480) 963-9880

Newspaper Advertising

Display ad rates range from $67.00 per issue then to $115.00, $140.00, $178.00, $275.00, $335.00, $510.00 $595.00 and $815.00 for a full page (10.25″ X 13″) ad. Full color is available for an additional $125.00 per ad. These rates are all based on running an ad 7-12 times per year. 1-6 times per year have a higher rate. No contracts are required. Original artwork production for your ad is available. Small ads are usually less then $40.00, larger ads may be as much as $75.00 to $100.00.

Professional ad production is also available from Nile Graphics, call them at 602-279-7799.

Please call Jerry Hutchcroft at 480-963-9880 to talk about marketing your company products and services through Roddin’ & Racin’ Productions